Wreathwood is a port city featured in Twokinds.


In Chapter 8, Trace and his group reach Wreathwood during the 171st annual Festive of the Beasts. After entering the city, the group would meet Eric Vaughan who hosted them for the night.

In Chapter 9, Eric agrees to help Trace's group cross the sea to the Basidian Islands after being convinced by Kathrin Vaughan. The group all board the Na'Rella and leave Wreathwood.


Eric Vaughan's HouseEdit

View from Eric's House Ch9

Eric's house is rather large from what can be seen, having with atleast: four[1] stories, three separate bedrooms, and two bathing rooms. From what be seen, Eric's house overlooks the docks.

Wreathwood DocksEdit

Na'Rella was stationed here before Trace and the group traveled to the Basidian Islands


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