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I'm Mike,

No, not the one that Lady Nora pranks on the Basidian Islands (Thank Heaven she's not nearby).

I became obsessed with the comic after encountering Euchre's back story on the web and tracing it back to the keenspot webpage.

I've already composed some google docs files with most all of the pages.

About Me Edit

I live in Caldwell Idaho, and am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) and no, the Southpark episode isn't how it happened. It is largely falsified, with bits of truth scattered throughout.

I uphold the Church's values and teachings (E.G. sexual relations should occur only within the bonds of marriage), but despite the fact that some events contradict those values, I love Twokinds because a vast majority of the themes contained within, (the main theme especially) fall in line with the instruction of church leaders. (E.G. Even if you don't agree with them, treat people equally regardless of race, gender, or religion. Simply put, Look at one as who they are, not what they are.)

Since there isn't a way to PM on Wikia (that I'm aware of), if you have questions about my beliefs, please go to, before reaching out to me because I don't want to get too horribly personal on the talk pages and the church websites will have answers to most if not all questions.

Employment Edit

I'm a Customer Care Representative contracted out as a Tech Support Advisor for Apple, although, I do have plans, related to my hobbies, to develop some applications, and another (less likely) plan to buy a Tesla Model S and use it as a Taxi and Medical transport (for appointments rather than emergencies).

Hobbies Edit

Twokinds, Web Design and Development, App Development, Twokinds, Parody Music Development, Animation (Getting Started Anyways), Star Wars: Uprising, Twokinds, Video Game Development, Visual Arts in General, Oh, and did I mention one of my hobbies is Twokinds! XD

My ProjectsEdit

Current ProjectsEdit

Twokinds Wiki:Pronunciation Guide User Blog: The Oracle: What's Next?
TwoKinds/Let It Go Parody (I've Let Go) TwoKinds Crossover Videos (E.G. Star Wars)

Future ProjectsEdit

  1. Update all Characters with an "Appearances" Grid
  2. Create Template:Loose End and Category:Loose End dedicated to characters, events, quotes, things, and locations that haven't been expounded/touched on or are mysteries. (E.G. what happened to Roselyn? What did Mary mean by "this is all seems too easy"? Where is Euchre and Edmund Sirus?, etc.)
  3. Create a comprehensive biography (using the appearance grids to assist in research) for all characters (Unlike my blog posts, where I'll speak my mind, Until Natani's situation is fully rectified, In actual articles I'll do my best to refer to said character in a gender neutral manner whenever possible).

Planned Crossovers Edit


And also Music Videos, but any Music stuff related to TwoKinds that I come up with.

Title Description Status
I've Let Go (In the way of Demi Lovato) Parody of Demi Lovato's "Let it Go". It spans the time from Saria's death and the present time. Recorded, But with plans to create a Music Video.
I've Let Go (in the way of Idina Menzel) Parody of Idina Menzel's "Let it Go", you know, the one that got stuck in your head when you watched Disney's 'Frozen'. Similarly it summarizes some of the events of the comic, but is also significantly different. I will likely have the instrumental as a separate A Capella track as well. Memorized, But need to Record and create Music Video.
I Can Swing My Sword (TwoKinds edition) Tobuscus' annoyingly addictive song "I Can Swing My Sword" but re-animated with Red as the subject, and Sythe as the one to withdraw the sword from on his person. Need time to Animate.
Keidramon [Natani] wanna be the very best, like no mage ever was, to cast spells is my real test, to make them is my cause… Not quite a direct quote, but you've seen a preview of what I've planned. (Also intended for my Pokemon Crossover video below.) Written, Need Practice, then Recording and Animation.
How Can I Save Natani Parody of Owl City's "When Can I See You Again". Keith, Thinking about "How can I save Natani". After All, he's lost Vehra, His parents, Laura the first time, Alaric, Laura the second time, and, as of this song's conceptualization, thought he was about to loose Natani as well. Brainstorming Lyrics

Videos Edit

That which I want to animate/machinima-te/act out/etc.

Subject Description Status
Pokemon Estimated length: 1 hour. Ash and Pikachu are washed overboard and through a portal into TwoKinds, where he meets the crew and retrieves a Gem with the ability to cure most illnesses, saving the lives of many pokemon who came down with an unknown illness. Story composed, Completing Scripting.
Marvel's Avengers During the Attack on Edinmire, the Templar Tower is Compromised and Destroyed, causing Magical disturbances throughout the land Knocking everyone out, and changing our favorite crew into The Twokinds Avengers. Brainstorming Story, Character types selected.
Sword Art Online A compact STL unit with emergency shutdown features to prevent fluctlight damage has been released publicly and several accelerated worlds have been created. Kirito and his friends begin playing ClanDyad, and their server somehow ends up directly influencing the world of Twokinds. Brainstorming Story, SAO Character Avatars selected.
Gilligan's Island While traveling from the Basidian Islands, the group stops by an island with a strange magical aura. Gilligan, frightened at the sight of Natani, Keith, and Flora, becomes lovestruck after seeing Kathrin. The others won't believe his tale about the ship or the humanoid creatures who visited. He stays on the island because he knows the others need him. Story generalized, still brainstorming though.
Star Wars Who said a conflict occurring in a galaxy far far away can't stumble upon the world of TwoKinds!

The empire expresses interest in and allies with Templar, helping with their reign of terror. Trace struggles in a fight against the darkside to prevent Padme's fate from befalling Flora.

LEGO Some of the Twokinds Story (popularity depending, more), using LEGOs. Storyline's there, just need alone time, LEGOs, patience and voiceover.
MineCraft Some of the Twokinds Story (popularity depending, more), using Minecraft. Storyline's there, just need alone time, Minecraft, and voiceover.
I Dream of Jeannie Major Nelson and Jeannie are talking about creatures that "don't exist" and to prove him wrong, Jeannie takes him to Mekkan. Brainstorming everything.
Terminator A T-1000 is sent to the wrong place Brainstorming.
Predator The Predator ends up fighting the TwoKinds Crew and decides not to come back for a few thousand years. Brainstorming.
Inception Unsure here, probably focus on Natani's Mindscape. Brainstorming.
The Fast and the Furious Likely to be titled "The Fast and the Furriest", so unless trace has some really hairy pits, I guess he's disqualified. XD Anyway… Brainstorming
X-Men Brainstorming.
Avatar, The Last Airbender Maybe have Kathrin as the avatar, since she didn't get to in a recent sunday sketch stream. Brainstorming.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Brainstorming.
Transformers Brainstorming.
Lord of The Rings Maybe have Gimli and Keith Fight, or have a drinking contest as part of it. Brainstorming.
Inside Out Brainstorming.
Night in the Museum Brainstorming.
Back to the Future Brainstorming.
Doctor Who Might cancel due to the "Pockets: Bigger on the Inside" FanArt, but may animate it instead. Brainstorming.
Star Trek Because I'm not allowed to have favorites. XD (Please, don't argue about which is better. That answer is personal preference and I will delete that kind of obnoxiousness from my talk page.) Brainstorming.
Harry Potter Brainstorming.
Indiana Jones Brainstorming.
Phineas and Ferb Brainstorming.
How to Train Your Dragon Brainstorming.

Fan Art Edit

That which I intend to draw myself, but may suggest to Tom for his Sunday Sketch Streams.

Cells Title Description Status
2 Natani's Bane Clovis Accidentally thinks Telepathically about exposing Natani's Secret, Natani Paraphrases Bane. Complete.
2+ I Dream of Laura Short series of pages explaining what happened to Laura's urn, and remains after the Na'Rella exploded. Page 1 complete Series under construction.
2 Auryon (And respectively) Aurindam See Halfbreed on Tom's DeviantArt page and you'll get an idea what I'm adapting into 2 images, a male and female variety. Need time to Draw.
5 Boardroom Suggestions Dark Trace asks what to do about the Keidran Menace, Guess who gets tossed out the window… Not a Keidran, you'll have to wait and see. Scripted. Need time to draw.
2+ Tech Support Raine Raine changes from Human to Keidran because of a customer that isn't on par with computers. Semi-Scripted.
2+ Pockets: Bigger On The inside Shows why the Doctor's Pockets are bigger on the inside. He got his wardrobe from Natani, who in turn got it from Kathrin. Scripted. Need time to draw.
2+ The Mana Architects The confused reactions of the mages who Brahn asks to make the crystal for Clovis. Scripted. Need time to draw.
1 Wedding Day All the major characters in their wedding garb (having a hard time with Natani to be honest. Maybe put her in a Dresido, a cross between a dress and a tux.) semi-brainstormed.
2+ Darth Keiser Keith is talking to "Princess" Clovis regarding his attitude towards Natani. Kind of the "Join us [leave us] or Die!" kind of deal. Scripted, Need time to draw.
2+ Duel of the Fates Clovis is like Darth Maul, but a wolf and genderbent (couldn't tell up front thanks to the robes), facing off against Keith after temporarily disabling Natani. Soundtrack: Duel of the Fates - Star Wars, The Phantom Menace. Semi-Scripted.
1 Keidran Wars: Natani Awakens I thought of this forever ago, but basically visualize the poster for The Force Awakens, Keidranified. Might change it to Keidran Wars: The New Halfkind if they release a trailer and poster any time soon!!! Visualized, but subject to change.
1 Fin and Ray Natani and Keith dressed as Fin and Ray, which begs the question: Who is the first Stormtrooper to hit something? Visualized, but subject to change.
2+ Master Seamstress LEGO Kathrin is among the Master Builders at their meeting in The LEGO Movie Visualized. Need time to get creative.
1 Zen Zen Zen floating While Meditating Visualized. Need time to draw.
404 [not sure] Flora's Babies Yep, Trace and Flora had Twins, and guess what, they are both kind of like the midwife, Raine. Visualized. Need time to draw.
404 [not sure] Edinmire Natani and the Fountain of Keidran Youth Natani trying to find a source of everlasting life for Keidran, especially if it's a use once and live like a Human and Basitin, type deal. Brainstorming.
1 The Oracle Natani searches the web for a how to on extending life (she wants to live to an ancient age of 60 and die with Keith you know). Drafting.
1 Flora's Itch Flora Following her instincts and turning her head so that Trace is itching her at the right spot. Visualized.
2+ Trace's Unethical Amnesia Pt. 1 Trace sees a Psychiatrist about his hallucinations. Scripting.
2+ Trace's Unethical Amnesia Pt. 2 Trace remembers his past, but doesn't change who he really is. Scripting.
2+ Congrats to the Tubby Tiger Right after Page 494 Flora explains the circumstances of her and Trace's relationship, to Maddy's applause, and Eric and Alabaster's astonishment. Semi-Scripted.
1 Flora Shouting "Thundercats Ho!" I have no clue, Never watched Thundercats, but someone suggested this so I wrote it down. Researching.

Games Edit

The Playable Game Parodys I wish to make.

Subject Description Status
Sim City Keidran Town. Frankly probably the easiest to begin with, but we'll see. Brainstorming.
Super Smash Bros. Who doesn't want to see everyone (and every variant of everyone) from TwoKinds beat the hell out of each other!

I will add Heart's Desire Misfire Natani to this one.

Assassin's Creed Play Through Natani and Zen's lives while young and new to the Assasin's Guild Brainstorming.
Plants Vs. Zombies The group gets tired of planting plants and goes on a FPS (First Person Slasher) rampage against the zombies. Brainstorming.
Super Mario Bros. Super Magi Bros. Brainstorming.
Angry Birds Angry Trace/Angry Tiger Obviously spitballing for inspiration!
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Brainstorming.
Mario Kart: Double Dash Keidran Kart: Double Date?

For all the TwoKind's Shipper's Needs.


Sunday Sketch SuggestionsEdit

That which I have/will suggest/ed for the Sunday Sketch Stream, Anything short enough or too long is likely to move in and out of this section a lot)

Title Description Status
Sythe's Valentines Gift Sythe tries to brush Maren's hair to return the favor that was her having brushed his fur unsolicited. He isn't good at it, but she, to herself anyways, is actually enjoying the attention. Suggested, Not yet Drawn.
Necklace of Humanification Pretty much Self Explanatory. We have the Collar of Keidranification, why not the other way around. Poor Kathrin's attempts to catch Eric's Eye will never cease. Un-suggested
Magic Medical Bandages Kathrin mistakes one of Natani's Bosom Bandages (at this point completely unaware of Natani's secret) for Medical bandages and wraps an ice pack against Keith's face, since he's having a Tooth Ache. I'll let you imagine what happens next. Un-suggested


I Authored Edit

Twokinds Wiki:Pronunciation Guide Templar Order (redirect page) The Templar Order (redirect page)
Templar (moved Templars) Evil Trace (redirect page) Mary Silverlock (redirect page)
Mrs. Nibbly Minor Characters (Inspired by Argorrath) Basidian Generals

Collaborations Edit

Twokinds Wiki:Layout Guide





I Wish To Delete Edit

In simple terms, "I goofed and couldn't get them working right."

If you think you could fix them, let me know which and I'll add a collaboration section.

No Templates here but us chickens

Categories Edit

Category:Loose End

A/V FilesEdit


Clock2uk.png (For the User Timezone Template) OracleTemplate.jpg (For the User Oracle Template)
LoveDumbStruck.jpg (For Red's page) MrsNibbly.png

The Oracle BlogEdit

Sorry about the wait. I'll be resuming "The Oracle" as soon as I can, but will likely be a bi-weekly or monthly post until I'm telecommuting.

# The Prediction Actual Result Option Accuracy Option Accuracy to Date Prediction Accuracy Prediction Accuracy to Date
1 Tom will shift the comic's focus back to B-group, Zen's reaction, and their journey towards Edinmire and/or Orchard Valley. Tom Returned Focus to Natani in her Mindscape. 25% 25% 0% 0%
2 Tom will maintain focus on Natani for at least 2 more pages while our Older Natani asks questions of, reconciles with, and maybe heals together with Young Natani The Wise. Stayed with Natani, but no Reconciliation. 75% 50% 75% 37.5%
3 Tom will reach for the chapter break lever and return focus to B-Group. Stayed With Natani, Reconciliation Begins, Finally!!! 25% 41.7% 0% 25%
4 Tom will change focus to Keith's group and their journey towards the Na'Rella. Remained with Natani's, Explained forgotten past. 25% 37.5% 0% 18.8%
5 Tom will remain focused on Natani and continue progress towards mind restoration. Remained with Natani. Mind Restored (to an extent). Awakened 100% 50% 100% 35%
6 Tom will Focus on Keith and his Journey towards the Na'Rella. Woke up, Tackled by Excited Kathrin 25% 45.8% 0% 29.2%
7 Tom will remain focused on Natani and Kathrin onboard the Na'Rella. TBA TBD TBD TBD TBD
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