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From the Author[2]Edit


"I've been an artist for over 6 years, starting around the age of 14. The first anime I remember watching was My Neighbor Totoro. I decided to start drawing after I stumbled upon webcomics through a random web search. The first webcomic I read was Vet on the Net, and that lead to dozens of others.

I was inspired to write Twokinds after having experienced a lot of racial discrimination from kids at my school, who were predominently [sic] white. My writing skills at the time were not very good, but I still felt like I was doing something good by trying to create a good message through my writing. After struggling to create a book for a year, I decided making a comic might be a better option. After working at my art for several more years, I finally came out with Twokinds on October 22nd, 2003.

Tom, Mekkan in Hand

Today, I am a college student at Raymond Walters College, a part of the University of Cincinnati. I'm studying to become a Radiation therapist, while doing artwork on the side."



He is also the brother of the YouTube celebrity Mark Fischbach (known as Markiplier[3]), whose entertaining sketches, playthroughs of horror and other games, charisma, and caring towards his fanbase have rendered him 2,000,000 subscribers in little over a year. He currently passed 23,000,000 subscribers.


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