Originally released as a one-page Voting Incentive which ended right after Natani’s reaction to Eric saying that the two of them along with Keith were to go around the tentacles looking for an alternative path, it was later released again with the additional panels added.


Warning! Spoilers and plot revealing description below.

Flora and Kathrin spot something moving in the woods ahead. Eric goes to his handbook stating that they are plants known as “Tentacles of Inappropriateness” and that they like to snatch up unwary travelers and that they only attack women for some reason. He orders for Trace to stay and guard Flora and Kathrin while he, Keith and Natani look for another way around.

Natani is hesitant to go anywhere near the tentacles and starts to panic when one of them touches his foot. Suddenly all of the tentacles are sliced pieces by Keith to Natani’s surprise. Eric then says that he was reading the wrong page and that those weren't “Tentacles of Inappropriateness” after all. Keith replied saying that he thought it would be faster this way and safer for everyone. Meanwhile Flora whispers into Kathrin’s ear that all the evidence is starting to add up and that she thinks Keith might really be a girl.

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