Seraphina (IPA(key) /sɛr'ə'fin'ə/), also goes by Sarah (IPA(key) /sɛr'ə/), is a Human Adrakist.


Sarah is first seen after her attempt to subdue the three basitian: Keith, Madelyn, and Lynn fails. She later incinerates Lynn's decree that they are ambassadors and starts a small scuffle with Keith after Lynn mocks her lizard-y appearance.


Sarah has shown to have a short temper, as seen when Lynn states that her appearance is like a lizard. She also is very cocky of her powers, regarding the Basitins as nothing when compared to her power of a dragon.

Sarah is a huge fanatic of dragons, as seen from the Adrakist cult she is a part of and Sarah's reaction when she was confronted by Reni.


  • Technically she is still human as is stated in the comics, despite her appearance. Either because she was born as a human, or the transformation is not complete.
  • The name Seraphina is likely a reference to the book duology of the same name. The name also means "ardent, fiery."



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