Author:Tom Fischbach
Number of Pages:5
Start Page:1
End Page:5
Book:Book 1
Notes:Began 22nd of October 2003 - Ended 3rd November 2003
Comic Chapters
Chapter 1

The Prologue is the first chapter released for Twokinds. It's first page was released on the 22nd of October 2003 and it's last page was released on the 3rd of November 2003. It is the shortest chapter in the series.


Trace wakes up in a forest clearing with no memories of who he is, with a backpack and a sword nearby. Upon hearing a girl's cry for help from within the forest, he grabs the sword and investigates. He finds a Human about to kill a tiger Keidran trespassing in human territory for the bounty offered on Keidran by the Templar Order. Trace jumps in to to defend the female Keidran. The human recognizes Trace as the Grand Templar and leaves the Keidran in Trace's hands. As the human walks away, he transforms into a being resembling a woman, wearing a mask. It is revealed that the mysterious figure took Trace's memories away. Trace is confused about the Keidran, due to being warned that the creature is vicious and dangerous, but seeing firsthand that the creature was not aggressive. Trace decides to leave it alone, since it did not seem to be intelligent, and continue searching out a city and his identity. The Keidran, surprised that Trace was friendly towards her, pounces on him and decides to follow him.


Page 1 Edit

Trace: Hm?

Trace: Where... am I?

Trace (Thought): I feel like I should know this place... but why?

Trace (Thought): Wait a minute... Who am I?!

Page 2 Edit

Unknown Voice (Flora): HELP!

Trace: What was that? Sounds like someone's in trouble.

Trace: A girl?

Trace: Well, I won't know anything sitting here.

Trace: I have a feeling I'll need this, though.

In the forest...

Bandit: Hey there little Keidran.

Bandit: Looks like you're in a lot of trouble.

Bandit: These are human lands...

Bandit: And your head's worth quite a lot here. You'd be amazed what they'd pay for a hide like your's.

Flora: *Whimper*

Page 3 Edit

Trace: Hey, leave her alone!

Trace (Thought): Great, now what do I do? I don't even know if I can use this sword! And what is this girl, anyways?

Bandit: Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing? I saw it first, and... wait... you're...

Bandit: Y-you're the Grand Templar!

Trace: Uh... I am?

Page 4 Edit

Bandit: My apologies, Master Templar. I didn't realise it was you. The Keidran's all yours. Goodbye, Trace.

Trace: Uh... bye.

Bandit: Be careful around that one, though. You may want to dispatch her quickly. She can be vicious.

Trace: V-vitious?

Bandit/Ephemeral: Yes, good. This my work out after all.

Bandit/Ephemeral: Taking his memories was a stroke of genius.

Mary Silverlock/Ephemeral: My enemy has become my greatest asset. What better way to protect the girl than the human's own weapon.

Mary Silverlock/Ephemeral: Now I just wait...

Mary Silverlock/Ephemeral: ... and hope the don' kill each other... just yet.

Page 5 Edit

Trace: Hey, there! Are you alright. Don't worry, that guy won't hurt you now.

Trace (Thought): Jeez, what am I doing? That guy said this thing is dangerous!

Trace (Thought): But... though she looks like an animal... I get the feeling she is intelligent as well. Hope she doesn't attack me...

Trace (Thought): Well she isn't responding to anything I've said to her. Maybe she isn't intelligent.

Trace (Thought): But I won't hurt her for no reason... It just wouldn't be right.

Trace (Thought): I'll just leave her here. I'm sure she'll be fine on her own.

Trace: See you later... uh... whatever you are.

Flora: 💧

Flora: ?

Flora: Nya!

Trace: Blarg!


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