Warning! Spoilers and plot revealing description below.

After surviving another laundry day, as Natani puts it, he discovers that a pair of pink panties with a heart on them seems to have been mixed in with his clothes. He says it would be best if he returns them, but instead decides to try them on and check himself out in the mirror.

He is suddenly interrupted by Keith, who is standing right outside the door, asking him to hurry up due to Keith needing to change his clothes as well. Natani quickly tells Keith to wait his turn as Natani just quickly puts on his black cloak without taking the panties off, telling himself that no one will ever know. She then comes out asking Keith to be quick about it saying that he was in the middle of something. Just then, Kathrin walks up to them asking if they had seen the pink panties. Eric had lost them a few days ago and said they were special. Kathrin pulls out a small remote and presses the one button on it saying that the remote went with it somehow. Suddenly Natani feels an odd sensation and screams in surprise. The story ends with either Keith or Kathrin asking him what's wrong.

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