Musclehead Fight Retcon is the name of a scrapped scene in the comics. This was the originally scripted fight between the Arms General and Flora/Natani, but was scrapped due to it seeming a little sexist-the girls winning the battle using their "nudity," removing their ankle covers, which is considered "nude" by the Basitin. The fight was said to have three parts to it, but as of this writing (February 2016), part three has never been released. The first two comics have been released on Deviantart via Tom's page.


Warning! Spoilers and plot revealing description below.

Taking place after page 486, the Arms General had just thrown Natani up against a wall. He asks if she really thought her claws could do what her daggers could not but gets distracted when he notices her feet are uncovered. The general quickly covers his eyes in disgust which gives Natani an idea. She quickly tells Flora to remove her foot-coverings which she promptly does to the general's dismay. The general curses saying that despite their efforts, their indecency shall not distract him. However, Natani proves him wrong as she rips Flora's pajamas off. The general presumably faints from a massive anime style nosebleed.

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