Misspell was a short story developed as part of the Kickstarter campaign.

Background Edit

This five-page Minikinds was originally a bonus for the Kickstarter campaign if $55,555 was raised and was to be an exclusive digital download for those who participated in the campaign. However, at the request of the fans (presumably) it was released as a belated Christmas gift for anyone to read.


Warning! Spoilers and plot revealing description below.

The story starts with Trace asking Flora if she really wants this magical ‘enhancement’ that he's about to help her with saying that he's happy with her just the way she is. She reassures him that it's only a temporary transformation spell and that it will be fun. After hearing it like that, he agrees to help.

As Trace concentrates and Flora fantasizes about not being the ‘Flat-Chested’ Tiger Girl, up on the top deck, Mike and Evals spot an unusually sized swell which hits the ship just as Trace casts the spell in a projectile form.

Flora wonders why nothing happens and Trace informs her that the spell missed her, ricocheted off of the mirror behind her and went out into the hallway. She asks what would happen if it hits someone else, but he says that the spell would dispel as soon as it hits a non-reflective surface which it would most likely do before it reaches anyone.

Meanwhile below deck, Keith is working out on the punching bag when the spell somehow manages to make its way to him and hit him in the back causing him to soon grow two large bosoms. After his initial shock, he storms up to Trace and Flora's room demanding to know if Trace is responsible for this.

Keith says that Trace better know how to fix it, which he does. He says he knows the counterspell and to give him a moment. Meanwhile back on the upper deck again, Mike and Evals spot another unusually sized swell which once again hits the ship just as Trace casts the counterspell. This time however, the spell hits Flora causing her to be truly ‘Flat-Chested’. The story ends with Trace claiming that he can fix it.

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