Travel is one of the guards in Edinmire under the command of Keiren and is tasked with helping put out the fires caused by the rogue "templar" Wolf Keidran.

Un-Named GirlEdit

This Un-Named Girl was a playmate of Flora and Keiren's at a young age who appears on pages 112 and 407. She hurt Flora's feelings one day by stating that she can't be the Mom in their playing because she's a Keidran.

Potential IdentitiesEdit


Natani and Zen's ParentsEdit

Natani and Zen's Parents were presumably killed in an attack on Natani and Zen's village when they were young, leaving the two orphaned.


…perhaps I might be too busy to correct the error in our records.

This section is related to a loose end or plot hole Tom has not touched on for a period of time.

Natani and Zen's Parents haven't been referenced since Natani explained to Keith the origins of the "Heart's Desire" spell.

Much how Trace Legacy attempted to resurrect Saria au Gruhen, Natani was desperate to have her parents back and created a dark magic spell, named "Heart's Desire", testing it on herself multiple times in attempts to restore her parents. Alas, the spell could only bring about what one knows about their heart's desire, and Natani had sadly forgotten her parent's faces and voices resulting in the spell's failure to become convincing.



Ravlen is stated to have been King of the Basitins from Keith. It is unknown how long he ruled but atleast encompassed the year 221, it is also unknown who the direct successor for him was after his reign ended. [1]




…perhaps I might be too busy to correct the error in our records.

This section is related to a loose end or plot hole Tom has not touched on for a period of time.

"Tan-" has only been mentioned once and doesn't have a fully revealed name at this time.

Tan- is a person of unknown species and gender (could have been Tanner, Tanya, or something else. Who knows but Tom) who has only been mentioned once in the comic and was apparently a very close friend of Maren Taverndatter. It is unclear what happened to him/her, but whatever happened to this character is, according to Red the reason for Maren's sometimes distant, sometimes emotional behavior.[2]

Potential IdentitiesEdit

Red shied away from discussing this character near Maren, indicating it was a sensitive subject, or that he may have had some hand in what happened.

  • Unknown Human who may have left or died.
  • Unknown Keidran who may have left or died.
  • Flora. The Un-Named Girl above may actually be Maren Taverndatter, and if so, Tan- may have been the word Tangie or another nickname for Flora cut off.

Ol' RineholdEdit

Ol' Rinehold is a native of unknown species (likely Human), and currently mentioned only once, who has reported suspicious activity numerous times to the Edinmire guard. Much to their ironic frustration, he/she accurately reported suspicious wolven activity near the Riftwall East Tavern, which was ignored enough that the wolves could begin their attack in Chapter 18.


  • His history of there being no notable activity caused the guards to no believe him even when he was telling the truth, which alludes to the folk story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."


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