MiniKinds are side comics that are usually not within the Canon of the main story and differ in length. So far there are 24 MiniKinds. For the sake of this article, they have been divided into two groups. Short, one page in length stories (which can be found on this page), and more than one page stories (which each have their own articles).

Short MiniKinds

Warning! Spoilers and plot revealing description below.

Fetch the Stick

A short three panel strip featuring Keith finding a stick in his backpack and tossing it away causing Natani to give chase to it.


Trace coughs something up causing Keith to ask if it was a hairball to which trace says Flora must be shedding. Keith says that Flora's fur is orange while the hairball is white. Trace embarrassingly tries to explain causing Keith to say that he doesn't want to know.

Horrific Result of Boredom

Keith admits that he's never been interested in Laura or Natani and that he's always loved Trace and the two passionately kiss one another.


Flora is giving trace a haircut when she accidentally clips off the triangular shaped part that sticks up causing Traced to state that his head feels lighter suddenly.

Trading Halves

Trace wakes up one day and discovers that from the waist down he looks like Flora. Flora walks in and then he realizes that his lower half doesn't just look like hers, it is hers. He also notices that she has his lower half to which he states that this will not end well.

Forgotten April fool's comic

It's essentially a carbon copy of the first page of the actual comic, but with Flora in Trace’s place. At the end, instead of questioning who she is, she says something doesn't feel right.

Keith Pantsed

Flora says that they are finally at the beach and asks Keith to come and have some fun with her, to which he politely says no. Flora then decides to steal his shorts and runs off with them. Keith orders her to give them back to which she replies to come and get them.

Flora's Baby

Flora has just given birth to a baby boy. Both Trace and Flora are happy until they see that the baby looks like Keith.


Flora asks Laura how she and Keith got together in the first place knowing that Basitins like their women aggressive. Flora has a flashback of her and Keith doing “kinky things”, but embarrassingly by the memory simply replies that she does not know.

Natani and Zen’s Link

Zen is teasing Natani about the kiss she shared with Keith when she reminds him that their link works both ways and promptly fills his mind with allegedly dirty images of Keith.

Basitin Black Magic

Mike, while accompanied by Evals, gets his hands on a book of Basitin Black Magic and uses it to turns Eric into a woman. Although initially shocked by this turn of events, Eric turns the tables on the duo, chains them up and plans to do something left only to the reader's imagination while Mike asks why they don't think these things through.

Just Add Water

An animated four panel page where Natani (after using a spell to turn her into a man) decides to go for a swim. Zen warns that the sex change spell reverses in cold water, which it does shortly after Natani’s toes get wet.

Just Add Water 2

Just like the first one, this one is also animated, but this time it features Keith and Zen. Zen warns Keith not to go into the water saying that the sex change spell activates in cold water. Keith begins to ask what he is talking about a questioning how they are talking to one another when suddenly (sometime after stepping into the water) he turns into a woman.


Trace tries to play with Flora by throwing a bag of catnip passed her which doesn't really phase her at all. Instead she just simply tackles and hugs him.

Replacement Crew Filler

This was actually a filler page when it was released. Mike asks who's been controlling the ship this whole time to which Eric replies that they are not worry and that he's found a suitable replacement for him and Evals. The replacement being the sack of potatoes.

Water Five

This was released as a bonus sketch for the November 25, 2011 comic. Mike praises Natani for putting the fire out with her Aquamentis spell and asks for a high five to which she obliges him and accidentally soaks him in the process.

Nora's Fantasy

Just a simple two panel sketch where Lady Nora is having a slightly perverted fantasy involving her being tied up and Trace proclaiming that he was now going to take her greatest treasure.

Raine’s Proof

Trying to prove that the Maren with them is a fake, Raine removes Maren's shirt to show no injuries. Although, that's not exactly what [Database error] and Sythe are looking at.

Long MiniKinds

Natani’s Panties

After doing her laundry Natani discovers a pair of panties mixed in with her clothes.

Musclehead Fight Retcon

Supposedly the original version of Flora and Natani’s fight against the arms general.

Tentacles of Inappropriateness

The group has to find a way around a field of tentacles which only attack women (to Natani's dismay).

The HalfKind

A short prologue to a series about a half Human half Keidran girl, a young man and his mansion in between the Human and Keidran districts. A series which would never be but had a great deal in inspiring the comic we have today.

Feral Hunger/The Hunger

An old 12 page donation incentive about Keith and Trace getting paranoid about Flora going feral out of hunger that has been released to the general public for free.

Prank Pixic Panic

24-page full-color side comic which was available exclusively through the Kickstarter campaign with a $10 or more pledge. Unfortunately there are barely any hints of spoilers available. This is the main reason why I've gone through all the trouble building all of these articles. I would like to know what is going on, but I do not want to resort to looking at a pirated version of this thing (no telling what kind of potential viruses I could get). So, to anyone who actually got this side comic, please post spoilers. BadFoMo from the TwoKinds forums demands it!

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