The Master Templars: Master Spy, Architect, Strategist, Seer, and Mage.

From the Author[1]Edit

"These five men were employed by Grand Templar Trace to keep order in the Templar after he took over. He had them replace the previous six Master Templars of the previous Grand Templar. After Trace's disappearance, the Master Templar continued to keep the Order under control until his return. Some are seeking Trace so he may return, while others plot to kill Trace and usurp his power. Still others scheme to keep him away and preoccupied, so he might not return at all."

Known RanksEdit

Ranks of the Master Templars and those who served those positions:

  • Spy - Held by Edmund Sirus. No known previous holders.
  • Architect - Held by no one. Previously held by Randal.
  • Strategist - Held by Euchre. No known previous holders.
  • Seer - Co-held by Brahn and his daughter. No known previous holders.
  • Mage - Held by a presently unnamed person. Previously held by Mary Silverlocke.[2]


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