Landen[1] (IPA(key) /læn'dən/), also known as Lan (IPA(key) /læn/), or Landy (IPA(key) /læn'di/) by Sealeen, is a Human in Twokinds. She works as a mercenary alongside her associates Sealeen and Sarah taking various contacts, for example, claiming bounties on wolves in human towns.


Chapter 18 Edit

Landen is first seen with Sealeen, and Sarah as part of the latter's entourage. She looks apprehensive to stop the scuffle between Sarah and Keith. As the fighing intensifies, she goes to take a drink of coffee out of her mug but finds that Madelyn took it all. She immediately springs into action and her tries to attack Madelyn with fast punches that almost match her immense speed, her strength is demonstrated when she punches through a brick corner of a building after missing a blow. As she continues her attacks, Madelyn offers to pay her to stop fighting, enough to "buy all the coffee you want." Landen quickly accepts and tells her group that she's done fighting, much to Sarah's anger.

Chapter 19 Edit



Landen is shown to be very lazy and uninterested in most things, except when it comes to coffee. She only joins her associates in their fight with Keith's group when she realized Madelyn stole her coffee, which caused Landen to lash out with flurries of strong punches at her, maintaining her blank expression the whole time. Her love for coffe is far beyond her sence of loyalty, she agrees to stop fighting when promised money by Madalyn so she can by more.

When Landen and Sealeen are seen scouting the Legacy Estate later on Sealeen asks her who would join Trace if it came down to it, believing the current Templar may have staged a coup againced Trace and he may come back to claim his position. Landen simply says "...whoever won", further suggesting she doesn't have much loyalty to anyone.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Landen has shown herself to be a highly capable fighter, being able to deliver multiple punches in quick succession, one of these punches breaking off a chuck of a stone wall. In addition to her raw power, she is incredibly agile, even being able to keep up with Madelyn.

Relationships Edit

Sealeen Edit

Landen and Sealeen are associates who work as mercenaries together with Sarah. Landen and Sealeen are commonly seen together and seem to have a positive relationship. The two of them stick together somewhat agreeing they will always be together no matter who they work for/with, whether it be Sarah or Madelyn.

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  • Landen's coffee mug's saying "I hate..." is changed after every page.


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