Iris[1] (IPA(key) /aɪ'rɪs/) is a minor Keidran charater and a member of the Tiger Clan present during the tiger meetings that were held in Edinmire.

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She is first seen walking through Edinmire with another tiger to the centre of town, where the tiger meetings are taking place. The two discuss rumours about humans and their options on them, with Iris stating she finds them discussing. When Flora asks the two of them why one of the tiger tribes seems to be in town Iris immediately calls Flora out on her ascent, even when she attempts to explain she was originally a free tiger and no longer a slave, Iris says that she must be like a pet then. The two wild tigers then walk off without giving her a real answer, Iris commenting that the "real tigers" have business with her masters to attend to, despite her associate asking her not be so mean.

They are later seen along with the rest of their tribe at the tiger meeting. During the Black Market Magic Guild's attack on the town dressed as Templar during the meetings Iris and her friend from earlier are seen watching on in fear while Trace battles a few of the wolves.


Iris is acts quite aloof due to her status as a free Keidran and thinks of domesticated Keidran like Flora in low regard, even going far as to claim they are not "real tigers." She also has a low opinion of humans, stating them to be repulsive.

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Due to Flora's long time spent in human territory under human ownership apparently her Keidran accent is a lot different than a typical wild tiger's, Iris immediately picks her up on this the moment the two speak to one another. Despite Flora desperately trying to explain she was born a free Keidran and is no longer a slave, Iris refuses to listen, saying that either way she is still a pet. She then ignores Flora soon after that commenting that the "real tigers" have important business with her masters, the humans, to attend to. So with the brief interaction they have it is clear she has a very low opinion of Flora being due to her domestication and all domesticated Keidran in general.

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