The Grand Templar is the main leader of the Templar Order. He/She is assisted in his duties by the Master Templars.

Current Grand TemplarEdit

Although the current Grand Templar, according to the general population, is still Trace, due to his loss of memory, he is no longer active in office. He is no longer officially the Grand Templar, so there is a power vacuum.

History of Grand TemplarsEdit

Mary SilverlockEdit

Mary s
  • Mary is the oldest Grand Templar shown in Twokinds.
  • Mary was forced out of office and turned into a Keidran by Trace Legacy, through means of Imperfect Transformation.
  • Mary was turned back into a Human by the Mask Ephemural in Chapter 6.

Trace LegacyEdit

Trace profile 4
  • Trace came into office through force, leading a coup d'état with the help of Euchre and others.
  • Trace exited office after losing his memory.


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