Feral Hunger is the name of a reward offered in the Kickstarter Project. Originally made as a donation incentive, Tom had intended for a long time to post Feral Hunger (alternatively known as just The Hunger) publicly. This 12 page MiniKinds series was later remade and printed as a bonus for the Book Printing Drive on Kickstarter.

This comic can be read on the TwoKinds site at the link here that Tom provided on his Deviantart account.[1]


Warning! Spoilers and plot revealing description below.

While out in the forest one night, Flora declares that she's hungry. Trace tells her that they are out of food, but they'll find a town pretty soon. Later Keith asks if he can speak to Trace in private, to which he agrees. He admits that he's worried about Flora and asks Trace if he knows about Feral Keidran. Trace says that he does and asks what this has to Flora to which Keith replies with a bit of worry that he's heard stories of Keidran that actually try to eat their friends if they don't have food for a while. Trace says that Flora wouldn't do that and asks her to back him up on this when he notices she's licking her hand. She says she isn't doing anything has she puts part of it in her mouth causing Trace to nervously tell her that she can't eat her own hand.

That night, while sleeping in their tent, Trace is awoken by Flora nibbling on his shoulder in her sleep causing him to wake up Keith shouting that she's gone feral and is going to eat them. While running he asks Keith what they should do. Keith just says they'll have to keep running until she settles down. As Flora gives chase to the two and tackles Trace. He quickly tells her not to eat him and to look behind her at the town. Overjoyed at the thought of finally getting to eat they enter the town only to find all the businesses closed for the night. Trace tries to keep her calm by saying they'll probably be open for a few hours to which Flora replies saying they should eat Keith in the meantime.

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