Chapter 4
Old Friends


Author:Tom Fischbach
Number of Pages:30
Start Page:74
End Page:103
Book:Book 1
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Chapter 4 focuses on explaining more about Keidran, Trace's powers, and the meddling of Ephemural in the relationship between Trace and Flora.


The reader is taken to a flashback 4 years prior in Flora's life. The new Grand Templar comes through the village Flora is living in. She is almost run over by one of the carriages in the caravan, but is saved by Euchre.

Trace and Flora wake up snuggled together. Trace and Keith decide to travel together again, heading to the Basitin Islands first instead of Flora's homeland. After Trace leaves to find food for Flora, Euchre appears, having been taken captive by some Humans and sold to someone of royalty. Against Keith's judgement, Trace agrees to free Euchre after Flora eats the food he got for her.

Back at the tavern, Raine knocks on the door to where Maren's group is staying and wakes them up so they can find Trace.

Trace Incapacitated

Trace Incapacitated

As Trace tries to purchase Euchre, the Templar he is talking to attacks Trace, in an attempt to collect the bounty on Trace. Trace is powerless until the Templar attacks Flora as well. This event unlocks Trace's power, tapping into the Mana Tower and allowing Trace to create mana dragons that attack everyone, including Euchre, Flora, and Keith, although they are not harmed. After Trace finishes the Templar, Flora approaches him. Trace, in his evil state, attacks Flora with a choke-hold until she claws at his arm. The Tower explodes from the Mana draw and Trace reverts to his normal state.

Trace Choke Hold

Trace and Flora Choke Hold

Euchre explains that Trace's state was caused by Ephemural, one of the Masks. Ephemural is shown speaking to the Master Seer and it is revealed that the Tower was his.

The night of the following day, Euchre and Flora care for Trace's wounds.[1]

The reader is taken to a flashback of Keith's story. Keith wakes up on a beach at his home, the Basitin Islands and is greeted by Vehra. He relives his sentencement and banishment from the islands.




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