Chapter 15


Author:Tom Fischbach
Number of Pages:56
Start Page:661
End Page:716
Notes:Chapter page is animated.
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Haunted is the 15th chapter of TwoKinds.

Chapter Teaser Edit

Keith is heartbroken by Laura`s death, and is willing to do anything to revive her. Even if it risks his own life. Meanwhile, the second party members have been attacked by an assassin, and it seems the only one who could save them is the one that would be considered the least human.

Plot summary: Edit

The Story begins with a dream of Keith,as he confronted Laura he said to her that all he want is them to be together once again.She also wanted that everything was like that too.However Due to being a dream,it couldnt happen in real life sadly.As Keith woke up he found out that Lynn has managed to get in the ship somehow.Meanwhile Flora has the shackles of Evals and Mike off.But it turns out they could do that the whole time. At the same time,Kathrin came to Natani,s room so that she can check her length for the new clothing.But after a big fight, Natani finally agreed to let her check. Later, the second party has some problems. Not only because they couldnt get any dinner, but Natani,s older brother Zen has found their location. Raines keidran disguise is slowly wearing out. Maren TavernDatter has been knocked out and replaced by an illusion in order to make the group think that Sythe has attacked her so that an fight will occur.However Raine hasnt fallen for that trick and proceeded to attack the Illusion Maren. Red, who didnt see that the keidran was Raine didnt hesitate to atatck her. But she quickly explains what happens and the Illusions plan to kill the party failed.





  • This chapter marks "Laura"'s first apperance and speaking chapter since Chapter 12.
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