Chapter 1

The Beginning

Author:Tom Fischbach
Number of Pages:15
Start Page:6
End Page:20
Book:Book 1
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Chapter 1 defines the characters and sets the stage for the rest of the story. The female Keidran tiger named Flora is introduced and some of her background is revealed. Trace is attacked by a Keidran who knows Flora.


Trace and the Keidran tiger travel through the forest until nightfall. Trace learns that the Keidran tiger is intelligent and can understand and talk to him. Upon Trace suggesting that they go into the village to pick up supplies and hopefully discover his identity, the Keidran tiger turns aggressive, refusing to be taken into the city. While trying to calm her down, Trace discovers that he knew the Keidran's name, Flora. Flora calms down after Trace promises not to force her to do anything against her will.

That night, Trace has a nightmare of Keidran mercilessly attacking a Human village. In the dream, Trace (as a generic Human) is killed by a female Keidran. When he awakens, he finds Flora gone and another Keidran attacking him. Trace tries to reason with the aggressive Keidran, but is still pursued by it until Flora reappears in Feral Form to defend him. While Flora talks with the other Keidran (who is later revealed to be her fiancé, Sythe) in Keidran tongue, Flora accidentally says "If he gives me trouble, I'll just kill him myself!!" in the Human tongue.  Flora later explains that she was only saying this to get the other Keidran to leave Trace alone, athough Trace still has some doubt. The rift between Humans and Keidran is briefly explained to Trace by Flora.

They stumble upon the town the next day, but Flora insists that Trace goes on alone while she stays in the forest.




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