The Black Market Magic Guild is one of the antagonist factions in Twokinds who make their first chronological appearance during The Dragon Masquerade side comic. The guild partakes on all manner of illegal affairs from theft to assassinations. They are lead by a half fox half wolf Keidran called Clovis who's sexist views prevent any female members from joining, therefore the guild consists of entirely male, predominantly wolf keidran.

Appearances In The ComicEdit

The guild plays a major part in Natani and Zen's backstory since they joined the guild when they were younger. The siblings' first encounter with Trace's group was because they were sent to kill him on behalf of the guild. Natani was a rare exception to the guild due to being female physically, to allow her to stay with him in the guild Zen helped disguise her as a boy which worked for a time enough to cement her place with them. It is shown that by the events of The Dragon Masquerade Clovis is aware of her true gender, sending her on the mission to retrieve the Dragon Mask itself because a woman normally wears it when it is displayed, witch would give the guild a easier job of stealing it. It is clear however that Clovis still thinks less of her, telling her to "get into position" while the men have a chat.

Named Members Edit

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