Adira (IPA(key) /ɔdirə/) is a Keidran and the owner of the Riftwall East Tavern in Edinmire and the mother of Maeve. Adria and her daughter are rare exceptions amongst Keidran as they neither slaves and neither live with the stigma of being a free Keidran, in fact a lot of the townsfolk of Edinmire look out for them due to Adira living there most of her life.

When the Templar attacked Edinmire her daughter was targeted by Roan with a magic fireball. In an effort to save her daughters life she pushed her out of the way only to be saved herself by Trace at the last second.

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Unlike most Keidran, who seem to either hate humans or be ambivalent towards them, Adira has no problem living and working in a human town. She was shown to be a caring mother, saying to her daughter Maeve to always look for the good in people.

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  • Adira is the first snow leopard Keidran to be seen in the comics and one of the only two to make an appearance at all, the other being her daughter Maeve.

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